1. N95 and Disposable Mask Machine


2. 400mm and 1600mm Melt blown Production Line

3. ES Fiber Production Line




N95 Face Mask Machine Production Line

Melt blown Production Line


A.)Optional Capacity: 1600mm

Efficiency: 95-97%

FOB Term Price: USD per set

Price Valid: 5days.

Ave.60 Days ready for shipping.

In stock Price: USD per set



B.)Optional Capacity: 400mm

Efficiency: 40-50% .

FOB Term Price: USD per set

Price Valid: 5days.

Ave.20 Days ready for shipping.

Payment: TT 70% In advance, TT 30% before leave factory

Shipping: 1*20′ container per set, Ave. 2000Kgs.


Main Parts: Extruder, mold, winder, oven, ultrasonic

Daily Capacity100-150Kgs/24Hours

Screw extruder100-150Kgs

Motor power: 15KW frequency conversion speed regulation
Reducer speed ratio: 1:10 or 1:16
Screw length to diameter ratio: 30: 1
Screw diameter: 50mm
Winding machine diameter:
Winding machine drive motor power: 0.55kw
Speed ratio of winder drive reducer (if any): 1:71
Air heater power: 15kw
Power of vacuum calciner: 12kw
The size of vacuum calciner: 500 × 300 × 200
Ultrasonic power: 1800, frequency 28kHZ
Ultrasonic sink size: 800 × 300 × 250



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